Racially Unhealthy Mindsets: The Black Dilemma

I’m not a writer nor do I pretend to be. But, I have a message that every black person needs to hear, so I must write. I have probably spent more time than any person alive thinking about how our race has found itself in the mess we’re in, and what we need to do to correct it. In this writing, I will tell you the central cause of the problem that’s holding us down, and how we can resolve it. Basically, this is the blueprint, the way of thinking we must follow to begin our rise as a people, and take our rightful place in this world.

The Black race is sadly, and undeniably the low race on the totem pole in the world. It pains me to say that. But, we will not argue this point here. Nor, will we discuss in depth many of the various issues that afflict our race. Those are discussions that should and must be had, but will not be the focus of this message. This writing is about understanding the one central cause from which all of our problems radiate and what we need to do to correct it. The content you’re about to read is very fundamental and basic, yet it is the most important issue that faces our people. Skipping over this building-block, fundamental issue will continue to lead us to failure. Our ability to understand and conquer this dynamic will determine the future of our race.

Here’s the culprit – The Black race has developed a racially unhealthy mindset. We have fostered a mindset that incorporates ways of thinking and believing that makes it virtually impossible for the race to prosper. We are psychologically conditioned to do, think, and believe things that are destructive and unhealthy for our people. Our minds are designed for racial failure! This psychological dysfunction that permeates the race is the cause of the many ills that we display in front of the world. This has been the case for decades, if not centuries at this point. Not just in America, but black people around the world. The good news is that we can correct this and it is simpler than you may think. While the results of this dysfunction are devastating to the race, it’s solution is not complicated. What we need is an adjustment in focus. What we need is a psychological reset. A reconditioning in the way we think about issues that involves our people. That’s what this writing is all about. If we can psychologically move as one, with the common goal of developing a more racially healthy mindset, a powerful transformation will take place among our people!


Just imagine if we, black people, all decided to do and believe only things that are healthy for our race. The benefits to us would be enormous. We would no longer participate in our own racial destruction. Any obstacles placed before us by others wouldn’t have a chance against us. We would all be bonded by a common single focus of doing what is healthy for our people. It would begin the reversal of all the ills that currently affect our race. Imagine!

  • The ghettos that now seem to follow us would be no more. There would be enough black people in these communities that follow the tenets of this writing to prevent or reverse the deterioration of their neighborhoods.
  • When it comes to spending our money, black businesses would get the first shot at getting our business. Because we understand that this is the racially healthy thing to do. It would be the road to our financial empowerment.
  • Academically, we could develop plans to ensure that all our black children are being well educated, beginning at early ages. Because of the renewed mindsets, and vow to do what is healthy for our people, we will follow the Education Plan put forward. We would no longer see our black students scoring grade levels below other races.
  • We would begin voting en masse in local elections to gain political power locally, because we understand how beneficial this would be to our people.
  • We would now be able to recognize the psychological damage being done to us by our current definition of beauty. Then devise a plan to mitigate these insidious damages.
  • This new single minded focus of doing and believing only things that are healthy for our people will inspire a sense of pride and respect within us. What a great feeling that would be. Just imagine!

These are only some of the benefits we will experience. Now, it’s going to take some self-psychological reconditioning to make this happen. But it’s not that difficult. I’ll discuss this more later. But first, I want to make sure you’re all on board with this movement. We need you!

Stay In The Room:

If you put 100 black people in a room and ask them “Do you think the Black race has a serious problem, which is preventing us from rising as a people?”, all 100 would respond with a resounding, “Yes!”. Then say, “If you don’t think you are part of the cause of this problem, you may leave the room.” The room will be empty in a matter of seconds. And there lies our greatest obstacle. The enormous troubles of our race are undeniable, but none of us believe we contribute to it. While the twisted truth is we all are unknowingly contributing to our ill fate status, in one way or another. This denial way of thinking must change. We must all take ownership of the challenges we face as a people. We must all pledge to “stay in the room”!

What do I mean by staying in the room? It is an analogy for each of us to see ourselves as part of the problem that faces our people. To not shift the blame to other black people or other races. Currently, we are all playing our “get out of the room” cards for various reasons. Maybe you feel that because you are well educated and wealthy, or the head of the local N.A.A.C.P, or maybe it’s because you have never committed a crime and been in jail you feel as though you’re not contributing to our problems. This is far from the truth. For all the good things you may do that shine a positive light on us, it can easily be dwarfed by unintentional racially negative actions or thoughts you may display in other areas.

Case in point: I was talking to an acquaintance of mine, a good guy who volunteers a lot of his time supporting black causes. He owns several houses and needed a lot of work done on them. He stated that he would not hire black contractors because of some dissatisfying issues he had with black contractors in the past. I asked him if he had ever had any dissatisfying issues with white contractors in the past. He confirmed that there were some. I then asked him why didn’t he stop using white contractors. He responded with silence. This is what happens when we don’t check ourselves. We have been so desensitized to the harms we cause to our people, that we can unintentionally discriminate against our own race. We should continuously check ourselves. That’s what I mean by “staying in the room”. This is an “all in” approach, where we’re all included. Although, there will always be some black people who feel as though this message doesn’t apply to them, if we can keep their numbers low we will still succeed.

Racially Unhealthy Mindsets (R.U.M.):

Mindsets are psychological spaces that harbor our beliefs and ways of thinking. Healthy mindsets will not allow unhealthy beliefs and ways of thinking to exist within it. This is where our problems originate. The many racially destructive things we do and believe can only exist and flourish because our mindsets are not healthy when it comes to our race. We see this dynamic in us no matter where we are in the world; the general dysfunction and the “crabs-in-a-barrel” mentality. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I like to think of mindsets as soil in a garden. The better quality soil will produce good, strong crops, while poor quality soil will only allow weeds to flourish. As a people we need to improve our soil. We need to improve our racial mindset.

We have allowed others to condition us against ourselves. Now, it’s up to us to undo it. This is how it will be done: The plan is simple. We must reverse what has psychologically been done to us. It is each of our responsibility to teach ourselves to think in ways that places the good of our race first. Other races do this automatically. We will learn to. We must first, suppress our current beliefs and ways of thinking about issues that involve black people. This is done so that we can consciously scrutinize these views to determine their level of racial healthiness. We can then intentionally choose viewpoints that are more healthy and empowering for our people. Replacing bad with good. That’s the strategy, simple but powerful! This is the reconditioning process that will free us. The conscious awakening of our people. Imagine millions of black people executing this process day-in and day-out. It would be a game changer. It would shake the world!

You’re the boss of you in this movement! No one will tell you what to do. I am purposefully not telling you what to do in many instances in this writing, even though you may want me to. That’s because this is for you to create. Outside of the blueprint below, you make your own decisions. You determine what a healthier racially based viewpoint or action should look like. You determine what actions you want to take or not take. As long as you’re striving to make healthier racially based decisions, vow to be honest with yourself in your conclusions, and willing to change your viewpoint if you recognize a better viewpoint, you’re good. No other person should judge you in this process. You judge yourself. And, the Universe will collectively judge all of us as a race, and the results will be revealed in the real-world. Remember, we must give it our best effort, because we can’t fool the Universe.

Making the Connections:

Joining this movement is the most important thing you can do for our people. I say that because this process is targeting the head of our problem. We are going after the one thing that connects across all of our many ills. That would be our Racially Unhealthy Mindsets. This must be our number one focus at all times, all else fall under this. This is the “virus” of our illness and the problems that we are experiencing are only the resulting “symptoms”. All of our many problems (symptoms) are connected to the same source (R.U.M.) and it is important that we acknowledge these connections. The connections give this movement power. We are lucky that all of our problematic issues come from the same source. Just imagine if all our innumerable problems resulted from different causes. That would be insurmountable, we could not dig our way out of that. So, in an umbrella-like fashion they are all connected, with R.U.M. (the virus) as the head.

It is very important that we keep these connections at the forefront of our minds, as we work on our various problems. We should see these individual issues as a cog of something larger. This vision puts everything in perspective. We cannot think it is sufficient to concentrate on one part of a network consisting of dozens of problems, and neglecting the others. This is a multi-prong approach designed to smother this monster from all angles. We should confront any and all of our problematic issues as they come before us, placing race first. This does not mean that we must go out and join an action group, unless that is what we want to do. It means that we should form opinions on what we believe are racially healthy viewpoints on these issues. And of course these opinions can change as we learn more. Now, this process may seem overwhelming, but believe me it’s not. Actually, it’s stimulating and empowering. You’ll see.

There are a lot of black people out there doing a lot of good things in an attempt to improve the lives of our people, and have been for decades. They are planting good seeds. But, because of the poor quality of our soil, that is, our mindsets, we’re not able to take advantage of their hard work. And that’s where the connection to this movement comes in. Here, we are focused on reconditioning our minds in a more racially healthy way, which improves our ability to uptake and utilize the resources that are already out there. This is why it is paramount that we target our minds first. Our problem isn’t that we don’t have the resources to improve our conditions. Our problem is that we don’t have the mindsets to take advantage of what’s before us.

Talk It Out:

In our journey to recondition our minds to a more racially healthy state, it is important that we discuss our problematic issues amongst ourselves. The topics can be as numerous as the troublesome issues we face. There are plenty of topics I haven’t talked about here. Talk about them. These conversations will help us mold and develop stronger viewpoints. They allow us to put our thinking out there for others to hear and for us to hear the thoughts of others. These discussions will stimulate and sharpen our minds in this process, when done right.

Warning! Don’t be distracted. To be productive in these discussions we should set guidelines for how we conduct them. Don’t allow anyone to take the conversation off course. Here’s what I mean: A group of us were discussing the negative affects on the race caused by our current definition of beauty which views all of our inherent African features as ugly and undesirable (Note: I have an affective strategy that will resolve this beauty issue that you must hear. Leave your email address in the comment section and I will send it to you when it’s done). And one of the participants stated that all races evolved from Africa, so other races’ features actually came from our features. This interjection, while true, took the discussion off course and we began to discuss the evolution of man. The original discussion at that point was no longer productive. These types of distractions may be done unintentionally or done as a strategy to disrupt the conversation. Don’t allow it, keep the focus. Also, don’t hold discussions with anyone whose main goal is to be right. The conversation will not be productive and it will exhaust you. These people are not interested in learning from others, they’re not ready yet. Politely move on.

Watch yourself! The most challenging conversations you will have will be internally. Your current beliefs, in which you had virtually no input, aren’t going to let you just walk away to make healthier racially based decisions. It will fight to maintain itself. Your current conditioning will use many deceptive strategies to confuse you in order to prevent change. I remember many years ago when I first realized that I had been using the racist “one drop “ rule to help support and justify a conditioned belief I had at the time. I was shocked that I could unknowingly stoop so low, it really opened my eyes. So, always be on guard. Understand when and how your old conditioning is influencing your new direction of thought. This is where the real work takes place. Mind-freeing work.

Let’s Get Started:

No one is coming to save us! But, that’s OK we can take care of ourselves. We can do anything if we stick together and have a plan. But, if you’re wearing rose-colored glasses that dismisses the seriousness of our troubles, or you insist that our main problems are coming from the outside, you won’t be able to help us right now. For everyone else, let’s get started. But, please don’t be deterred by the simplicity of this plan, or that it’s not a book written by an established writer. Look deeper! We have the answer right in our hands.

This is a simple plan to consciously improve our psychology in the areas which are damaged. (Side note: In this process, we won’t all be at the same stage at the same time nor will we always agree with each other, but that’s OK. We will all still be moving in the same direction, like passengers in a limousine, not all facing the same direction, but still moving along the same path. So, don’t worry.) There isn’t anything in this plan that everyone can’t do. Why wouldn’t you join us? Black people need something to rally around, and there’s nothing better than this. Don’t allow negative doubts to prevent you from seeing the power in this plan. The success of it will be all up to us.

There’s no leader in this movement, we each lead ourselves. There’s no rigid, step-wise directions to follow in this plan, the blueprint above is the plan! And to those that feel as though they don’t know where to start, start with the first issue that involves black people that confronts you. Keep it simple. At this point this writing doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to us. This is something that the masses of us can follow. And when our number of followers are high enough, a mere 20% improvement in the level of healthy racially based thinking would be enough to cause tremors around the world. But, I expect more out of this. If we each do our part and share this with all whom we know, we’ll get the numbers. I will give it my all, financially and time, to ensure this movement is successful. We hope you will help.

Did this writing inspire you to focus more on thinking and doing what’s best for our people? Give others the same opportunity. Copy and send the link below to all black people you know. We can do this. Let’s get started!


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Rob Brown


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